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Can you imagine a child about to take 10 500mg of a prescription drug in 1 hour, without a prescription? How about young sexually active school kids not knowing how HIV/AIDS is contracted?

Well, it happens all the time. And as the cost of medical care continue to skyrocket, people are turning more and more to health forums, to get the answer to their health questions, but no one is there to intervene.

That’s why, for over 2 years, Ever-Changing Medicine, Inc. has been there -online- to give Pharmacy customer the answers the need. But it could not be possible without your continued support.

Your generous contributions help to compensate for the time required to correctly answer the question, as well as site maintainance and continued education. You may click on the button below to make a secure online donation with your credit card – no matter how small, and
tomorrow be a better place, for us all.

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The Staff at Ever-Changing Medicine, Inc.

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